10th - 16th Nov 2024

Immersive yourself in Flexibility.

Take a break from daily stressors.

Refresh your flexibility training.

Connect with a like-minded community.

Who Is This Retreat For?

  • Flexibility enthusiasts of ALL levels.

    While this retreat is ideal for advanced practitioners and coaches, the emphasis is on personal exploration and development. Progressions will be provided for all exercises, and you will be guided on adapting drills to optimise their outcomes.

  • Curious lovers of learning.

    Flexibility-intensive sessions are designed to delve into the nature of flexibility training through a cognitive functional lens. Exercises will encourage introspection to develop personal cognitive/emotional strategies that will revolutionise your training and accelerate your progress.

  • Those wanting an opportunity to focus and prioritise their flexibility training.

    Held at the luxurious Basundari Resort Bali, you will leave the stresses and distractions of daily life to focus on yourself and your training: no work, no cooking, no cleaning. Everything is taken care of for you, allowing you to immerse yourself in all things flexibility.

  • Anyone who wants to train intensively with experienced AirSpace flexibility specialists.

    AirSpace flexibility coaches have been helping clients reach their flexibility goals for nearly ten years. Airspace is renowned for providing high-quality, effective training; personalised, goal-focused coaching; and world-class, evidence-based further development options.

What's Included

6 Days of Flexibility Immersion.

45min guided morning movement (Daily)

including aerial yoga (airflow), mindful movement and everyday stretching. The best way to start the day, designed to complement the flexibility training and reduce soreness between sessions.

90min flexibility intensive sessions (Daily)

designed to deepen your understanding of flexibility training, emphasizing self-awareness and cognitive/emotional strategies for productive training. 

90min goal-based flexibility classes (Daily)

with expert guidance and tutorage from Airspace flexibility specialists.  Expect individualized feedback and progressions aimed to get you deeper in range. These sessions allow you to apply the flexibility intensive learnings to your practice.

Q&A and reflections (Nightly)

Consolidate the day's lessons, ask questions, and support your learning and development in a relaxed setting.

Flexibility Intensive Topics

Day 2 - The ANS and flexibility training

Learn the role of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

Understand how the ANS impacts your physical reactions, thoughts/attention, emotions and behaviour related to stretching.

Recognise the signs and symptoms of increased Sympathetic Nervous System Activation.

Learn how to help regulate your ANS.

Day 3 - Flexibility Beliefs

Understand how flexibility beliefs impact your physical reactions, thoughts/attention, emotions and behaviour related to stretching

Recognise common unhelpful flexibility beliefs that hold you back.

Identify meaningful, relevant and helpful flexibility beliefs that resonate with you.

Develop strategies to reinforce helpful flexibility belief in your training

Day 4 - Cognitive flexibility

Identify cognitive distortions that impact your flexibility training.

Re-frame thoughts to increase tolerance to stretch and support helpful flexibility beliefs.

Develop cognitive strategies that support your flexibility training.

Day 6 - Emotional regulation for flexibility training

Notice and Identify emotions impacting flexibility training.

Develop strategies to increase your tolerance to stretch


6-nights accommodation

(Private or twin share).

Fresh breakfast and dinner

Prepared lovingly with Bali's local and seasonal produce (vegan/vegetarian options available).

Exclusive use of the training space 

(yoga mats, hammocks and yoga props provided), pools, IR saunas and ice baths.

What's NOT Included


Travel Insurance

Airport transfers

Optional Extras (excursions/services)

Optional Extras

Private 1:1 training sessions

Working on something specific? Feel like you need some 1:1 attention? Book in with our amazing flexibility team!

Massage / Spa Treatments

Pamper yourself with rejuvenating massages and spa treatments to enhance your well-being during our intensive flexibility retreat!

Tegenungan Waterfall Guided Tour

& Professional Flex Photo Shoot

The best way to commemorate this experience and celebrate your flexibility progress!

While optional, it's highly recommended!

Early Bird Bonuses!

Book before the end of March 2024 and receive these great Early Bird bonuses!


Receive 15% off the Retreat - That's a saving of $443!

Choice of Room

Rooms are first come, first served. Book early to reserve the room you want!

Complimentary Massage

Enjoy a Complimentary massage on the retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Retreat cost?

The price of the retreat is:

$2955 USD

The 15% Early Bird & "Paid in Full" price is:

$2511 USD

Are Payment Plans Available?

Yes! The full amount can be split into 4 monthly payments from time of purchase - provided all fees are paid before September 30.

If I pay the full amount upfront, do I get a discount?

Yes! You will receive the 15% off Early Bird Price discount, but you won't receive any of the other early bird bonuses (unless you also purchased it within the Early Bird Period)

How does Room Sharing work?

If you find someone you would like to share a room with, then the cost of the Retreat is:

SHARED Price $1539 USD

Early Bird SHARED Price $1346 USD

Rules for Room Sharing:

- You can share with a maximum of one other person (2 per room)

- We will not take responsibility for "match-making". Before you can purchase the Room Share you need to have arranged for a partner.

- If one partner cancels, their payment will not be refunded but will be used to subsidize the remaining partner's cost. The remaining partner will cover any difference between the total collected and the single price.

What happens if I have to cancel?

We will not return any monies collected under any circumstances. Organizing retreats involve many different suppliers who are often spending money in advance of getting paid. Any amounts collected will be considered a deposit, and will be forfeited on cancellation.

If you are on a payment plan and need to cancel - no monies will be returned, but no further monies will be collected.